Help your customers eat well.

Our pure and natural molasses is a wholesome, versatile ingredient for contemporary cooks in search of better food.

Crosby’s Molasses has been the standard for molasses in North America since 1879. We offer two national brands for retail stores – Crosby’s Molasses and Grandma Molasses.

We offer a range of private label options for co-packing and co-manufacturing.

Check out our capabilities page to learn more. We package private label molasses and dry sugar for major retailers across Canada and we co-manufacture hot chocolate, drink crystals, jelly powders and table syrups for private label and national brands.  Products are distributed through our extensive Canadian and northeast U.S. distribution network.

We’re always willing to explore co-manufacturing other products.

Our retail molasses is available in a variety of package formats:

Squeeze bottle:  350 g

Carton: 300 g, 675 g, 1 kg, 1.35 kg

Bottle: 16 oz, 675 g

Plastic jugs: 5 kg/1 gal


Our end-to-end private label solution makes your job easier.

Crosby’s is an experienced provider of private label solutions for national brands across Canada.

From molasses and granulated sugar to table syrups, jelly powders, drink crystals and more, we offer the manufacturing capabilities, quality systems and coast-to-coast distribution network, to meet all of your private label requirements.

Crosby’s offers a number of retail products that are ideal for the home kitchen:

Fancy Molasses is the highest grade of molasses, and the most versatile for the home cook. It’s made with pure sugarcane juice that has been inverted into a syrup and is lighter in color with a tangy and sweet flavor. Fancy molasses is used in baked goods and marinades and sauces.

Blackstrap Molasses is a nutrient-rich product with a darker color and a full-flavored taste. It’s used to make sweets and cookies as well as sauces and marinades.

Cooking Molasses is a blend of fancy and blackstrap molasses. It’s commonly used in breads, ginger snaps, soy-based sauces and canned baked beans.


Crystals, Syrups and Jellies are produced and distributed by Crosby’s for some of the top retail brands in North America.


Retailers benefit from the increased interest and demand for molasses, and Crosby’s offers superior quality and consistency as well as a recognized brand. Offering Crosby’s Molasses at your store means:

More Sales – Molasses influences what else the consumer puts in their shopping cart. Market research shows that people who purchase molasses in a grocery story will buy more items that go along with it.

Pure Products – One of the defining trends in food retailing today is consumer demand for less-processed products. Molasses is simple and pure, and every day more people begin incorporating molasses into their baking and cooking.

Freight and Logistics – Crosby’s Molasses has a well-established distribution network across Canada and the New England states that ensures its products can easily get to any grocery store.

Crosby’s Fancy Molasses has no additives, is gluten-free and non-GMO. It’s safe for people with peanut allergies and celiac disease.
Still don’t have Crosby’s Molasses on your store’s shelves?