Premium products and superior service. That’s what’s defined Crosby’s through five generations of family leadership.

In 1879, Lorenzo George Crosby began transporting fish and lumber from the East Coast of Canada to the West Indies and returning with casks filled with that “liquid gold” known as fancy molasses. That marked the birth of Crosby’s Molasses.

Since then, successive generations of the Crosby family have built a business that provides molasses and sweeteners to consumers and food manufacturers across Canada and the United States, and increasingly around the world. Crosby’s also offers a growing line of dry and liquid sugar-based products and co-manufactures products for top retail brands.

Today, Crosby Molasses continues to produce authentic, quality products that help our customers – from multi-national food manufacturers to home cooks – create better food.

For 140 years we have continued to thrive because we genuinely believe in…

Going above and beyond to help our customers do business better;
Keeping our employees safe, motivated and respected;
Working every day to enhance our products, improve our processes and develop our people.
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